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In this short chapter, Claudia and Frieda are going door-to-door selling marigolds to earn money for a new bike. When they go into houses for cold drinks, they listen to adult gossip and piece together the story about Pecola. They learn that Pecolas father got her pregnant than ran away. The adults are disgusted with Cholly and say that Pecola should be taken out of school, and they say that she is also to blame. They also say the baby will be so ugly it is better off dead. The girls feel embarrassed, hurt, and sorry for Pecola, and it upsets them more that none of the adults do. Claudia wants someone to think the black baby can be beautiful, and she thinks this will somehow end the love a white baby-dolls. The girls don’t understand how babies are made in the first place, so they don’t share the disgust of the adults. The girls decide to pray for the baby to live and to mae a sacrifice of the money they earned and the rest of the seed. The bury the money at Pecolas house so they won’t be tempted to get it back out and plant the seed in their own yard to watch over it.

Even though they hear the story about Pecola from the adults perspective only, Claudia resists it. The adults dismiss the entire family as insane, but Claudia tells herself a different story with a beautiful baby. The girls tell themselves that they can save the baby. Their innocence helps them to believe this, since they don’t understand that the health of the baby doesn’t depend on them, and that the chances of the baby living are very low since Pecola is so young and Cholly is the father. They plant the seeds later, hoping that the seeds with grow alongside the baby, and that their sacrifice made a miracle. They also think that the song can help the baby to be healthy.


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