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This chapter is mostly dialogue between Pecola and her imaginary companion. The friend (whose gender I don’t know, so I’m going to say ‘it’ as opposed to he/she). It teases her for looking int he mirror too much, and Pecola accuses it of being jealous. It convinces her to go play outside, and she brags that she can look right at the sun without blinking. Pecola says that her mother doesn’t look right at her because she’s jealous of her blue eyes. She says it’s the same for most everybody she knows. Pecola tells it that she doesn’t go to school because people are prejudiced on account of her new eyes. Pecola asks how blue her eyes are compared to several girls in her school, and it tells her eyes are the bluest of all the girls she knows. When Pecola asks it some personal-type questions, it doesn’t answer, and it offers a weak explanation for why Mrs. Breedlove, and everyone else for that matter, don’t notice it. It mentions Cholly, but Pecola denies that he made her do anything. It turns out Cholly also raped Pecola another time when she was reading on the couch, but her mother didn’t believe her the first time, so she never bothered to tell. We also learn that Sammy’s gone, but not why or how or where. The conversation returns to comparing Pecolas blue eyes to other things, and it reassures her that her eyes are bluer than anything she mentions. Pecola wonders if someone else in the world has bluer eyes than her, and asks it to look at everyones eyes. It tells her she’s being silly and leaves. The perspective switches to Claudia, and she describes Pecola wandering around, flapping her arms, trying ti fly. Claudia and Freida feel they failed since the flowers didn’t bloom and Pecolas baby was born too early and died. Cholly dies in a workhouse, Sammy moves away, and Mrs. Breedlove and Pecola move to a house on the edge of town. Claudia says that Cholly must’ve loved Pecola, but “love is never any better than the lover.” Claudia tals about how she can blame herself and she can blame the earth and she can blame anything, but it doesn’t matter, because it is “much too late.”

Pecola finally got blue eyes, but she lost her mind. She doesn’t see more clearly, she’s just insane. She has no idea what’s happening around her. She doesn’t seem to realize that she was pregnant, just blames everything on jealousy. She is in her own world, in her mind, and there she has blue eyes. Even in her own world, she still worries her eyes aren’t blue enough, and that someone else has bluer eyes. Her friend tells her she has the bluest eyes, but it is a made up friend. She still hasn’t managed to escape Cholly, either. The blue eyes didn’t do what she though they would.


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