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This is a quilt. The artist started by using Photoshop to pu t together a photo of her own daughter with a classmate. When I first saw this, I though it was a painting, because I saw it very small. Full-sized, it is easier to tell that it is a quilt. Both girls had black eyelashes in the photograph,

but in the quilt the artist gave the white girl blonde eyelashes. This is because the image in the book wasn’t of just a girl with blue eyes, but almost always a young blonde girl with pale, pale skin and very, very blue eyes. The blondness is important here to help make the distinction between the two sides of the quilt, and it is easier to draw the line between the two girls.

In the iris, there seems to be more blue than brown, but not by much. This gave me the image of the blue sweeping over the brown as it may have done for Pecola in her mind. At the border between the two girls, on the quilt, the two colors mix together, and there isn’t a straight line between them, but a moving, wavy one. The blue part of the iris does overlap into the other half of the quilt, the one inspired by the black classmate. This, if inspired by something other than The Bluest Eye, probably wouldn’t have been done. However, Pecola did sort of get her eyes changed at the end of the book, so it makes sense that the brown eye would be changing. The two people represented on this quilt are the standard of beauty in the book and Pecola.


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