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The first thing I noticed here was the hairstyles. Specifically that they are the same, roughly. I think the doll may have two braids and the girl may have done a braid with more strands, but they both have pretty much the same hairstyle. That is the end of similarities. Their facial expressions are opposites of each other. The doll looks a lot like the one in the book, and the girl could very easily be the actress that played Pecola. Pecola wanted to be like white girls, and the only thing you can really copy without needing money is hair. Clothes aren’t free, jewelery isn’t free, and houses aren’t free, but hair is free. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pecola in the novel copied the hairstyles f white girls at her school as best she could. Almost any single feature on the doll will be the opposite of the same feature on the girl. the doll has very small lips, while the girls lips aer full, for example. The doll looks happy and a little surprised with her eyebrows drawn so high, while the girl looks sullen. The similarity in the hair of the doll and the girl in this picture draw attention to the differences between the doll and the girl.


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