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The Breedloves used to live in what is now an abandoned store. Last, it was a pizza shop, before that a bakery, before that a house of gypsies, but long before all of those, back when the narrator says probably no one remembers, the Breedloves lived there. There is a long paragraph describing the furniture, and how it is old, but not familiar. (Indifference is mentioned here, too, like it was in the last chapter, but I don’t know what the authors purpose of using this word frequently could be just yet.) The couch is the only piece of furniture that they seem to care about, but it really is only upsetting to Cholly, since it came with a rap in it, but the store refused to take it back. The Breedloves’ house doesn’t blend with the ones around them, and it has been suggested, not so subtly, so far, that whatever happens to them isn’t pleasant, so maybe their ugly house won’t blend because they have a particularly ugly story, something that sets them apart into their own little horrific world that doesn’t blend either.

Morrison, though, in her description of the house, shows that people put emotional stick in their objects. This reminds me of the definition of a symbol I was taught (a concrete object represents an abstract idea). Except here, Morrison writes it as abnormal that the Breedloves don’t have positive emotions that depend on their furniture. They do, however, have plenty of negative emotions that are triggered at the sight of a particular piece, which emphasizes the heavy foreshadowing, or rather, stating, that they have very unpleasant lives.


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