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I had no idea what marigolds looked like, but when I looked it up, I found out that they are quite stunning. They are very vibrant and full, any color from yellow to red to orange, anywhere in between, or a combination of any, many times like a vibrant scarlet with gold on the edges of the flower.

It occurs to me a picture is better than a description.

Like I said, pretty striking.

 From reading the back cover and a few things online, I know the Breedloves raise these flowers every year, and probably sell them to make their living. Now, if these flowers are their only substantial form of income, I imagine having not a single one bloom would be inconvenient.

Which is why I see this as at least a kind of important symbol. I mean, beautiful, flashy flowers, good enough to pay money to own for a week until it wilts, or to plant in your own little pot, maybe, none of these said flowers one year, and the little girl who raises the flowers is praying for beautiful, flashy eyes? I haven’t quite figured what the flowers could represent, but I’m guessing something to do with beauty or self-acceptance, or maybe something about nature. At this point I haven’t actually met any characters yet, so I’m sure that would help me start to figure it out.


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